Visiting Parc Astérix as a family

If you believe that the family outings are important, that experiencing thrills together strengthens your ties and your complicity, then going to Parc Asteérix might be a great idea!

Attractions for the whole family

parc asterixIf you have never heard of it, Parc Astérix is, as you suspect, a theme park on the Gauls. By consulting reviews on the park, you will discover that it is the ideal destination for a family visit thanks to its 39 attractions! From the Best Western Aramis, you will only have to travel about thirty kilometers to reach Plailly.

Visiting the Parc Astérix as a family is as fun as going to Paris Futuroscope! Children like to do the “Épidemaïs croisière” attraction, going around the Gallic village where the main characters of the adventures of Asterix can be found. There are also the forest and the boars! Discover the Forest of Idéfix, an area of 5,000sqm!
To enjoy thrills, even for adults, visitors have the choice between several roundabouts! Take tickets for the whole family and embark on the Zeus Thunder roller coaster or the Discobélix attraction, a giant disc which turns on itself. It symbolizes the Olympic Games of Asterix and Obelix. Note that there are activities available to the very small ones such as “L’Escadrille des As”.

Fascinating shows

parc asterix
You also have the opportunity to take your family to a show that is as fun as entertaining. As mentioned above, the “Épidemaïs croisière” attraction offers you the opportunity to admire the Gallic village and its inhabitants, who are none other than actors playing fun sketches. If after consulting the schedules, you expect to have to queue, go to another show, for example the sea lions and dolphins show at the theater of Poseidon!

Your hotel during the visite of the parc Astérix


parc asterixTie your belts if you choose the “Sos Numberbis” attraction, a stone delivery train! Note that the size required to do this attraction is 1.30m! The “La Trace du Hourra”, a descent in Gallic bobsleigh is an attraction that will mess up the whole family’s hair at 60 km/h speed! Check out the park opening hours and book now!

If you feel playing the role of an actor, this park is for you! In the attraction “Le Défi de César” for example, you have to wear a Roman outfit, confront the Caesar, resist the charms of the Gallic women and struggle while traveling aboard a galley (sail and row boats). To get to Plailly, the city of the Oise, you can first stay in Paris 6th, at the BW Aramis!