10 helpful tips to spend a good time at a restaurant in Paris 6

During your stay in Paris, opt for the Best Western Aramis to enjoy nearby iconic sites and the best restaurants of the 6th district! Here are some helpful tips to enjoy the French cuisine in the capital!

1. Prefer the restaurants close to the Best Western Aramis

Located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, the Best Western Aramis, a 3-star hotel, offers breakfast and a wine bar, but has no restaurant. The closest and the most recommended restaurants include La Cantine du Troquer at 77 rue du Cherche Midi, Le Café Trama at 83 rue du Cherche Midi and Le Petit Verdot at 75 rue du Cherche Midi.

2. Choose bistros and pizzerias if you come with your family

If you travel in a group including teenagers, a pizzeria or a bistro could be a good idea, taking into account your budget. PIZZA DI GIO at 48 rue du Cherche Midi, CHEZ JO at 5 rue de Fleurus and the MUSTACHE restaurant at 3 rue Sainte-Beuve are good addresses.

3. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two

Restaurants offering a romantic setting abound in the vicinity of the Best Western Aramis, in the 6th district, including L’Adalie at 33 rue de l’Abbé Grégoire and the Italian restaurant La Lancetta at 72 rue du Cherche Midi.

4. Choose originality if you love to experiment

If you appreciate the Parisian architectural and cultural heritage, you should have lunch at Polidor located rue Monsieur le Prince, one of the city’s oldest bistros. And why not opt for a Japanese restaurant? You can have makis and sushis at Bluberry (6 rue du Sabot)!

5. Go for a Michelin-starred restaurant if you are a gourmet

helene-darrozeAs you are in Paris, you can easily find starred restaurants, including Guy Savoy (3 Michelin stars) at 11, quai de Conti and the gourmet restaurant Hélène Darroze (2 Michelin stars) at 4 rue d’Assas.

6. Consider the time if you plan to go out for dinner

le petit verdot restaurants
You should know that a lot of Parisian restaurant kitchens are closed after 22:30, leaving you little choice if you plan a dinner after spending time in a bar or a cafe. Don’t forget to get some information about the restaurant of your choice and to reserve a table!

Your hotel close restaurants in Paris 6


7. Adapt your outfit based on the restaurant you choose
Obviously, the suitable outfit if you plan to go to a Parisian bistro is the relaxed one, whereas for an elegant restaurant, you have to dress up! It is simply a matter of common sense, but in all cases, keep it simple!

8. Know what aperitif to drink!

meilleurs restaurants paris 6
Everyone has their favorite aperitif, but the Parisian trends to spritz, cocktails and aperitivo.
You can also simply opt for the free water carafe on your table!

9. Be sure you choose the right wine

In France, a dinner without wine is unthinkable! In a restaurant, everyone seems to know what they do and choose with ease when the sommelier suggests “lively and dry” or “fruity and sweet” white wine, “powerful and sunny” or “light and sweet” red wine. If you are not a connoisseur, do not be ashamed! Ask the sommelier!

10. Put your phones and other devices away!

When you dine as a couple or with family in a restaurant, it is important to share this special moment. It is the time for communication, lively discussion, laughter…
So put your phones and tablets away, and far from the table!