Rue de Rennes, the perfect place for shopping in Paris

Paris is often referred to as the City of Love or the City of Light, but Paris is also the shopping city par excellence. Being the European capital of fashion, no wonder its districts include many renowned shops. Saint-Germain-des-Prés is one of the most valued areas by Parisians and tourists when it comes to shopping, thanks especially to the Rue de Rennes where shopping enthusiasts can find everything they need: clothes, shoes, various fashion, kitchen, home accessories… everything is there!

The Rue de Rennes

Some tips before a shopping expedition

If you choose to go shopping in this area, here are some helpful tips. To start, foreigners will want to know how to get there. The area is served by the Paris metro line 12. Rue de Rennes is located on the left bank of the Seine River, in the 6th district of Paris. Before starting a day of shopping, it is better to dress comfortably, wear walking shoes, put on sunscreen and sunglasses. It is also worthwhile to choose the right time. Sales period is not to be missed in order to benefit from good deals. In Paris, it is happening in summer and winter.


Discovering the boutiques of Rue de Rennes

Rue de Rennes is a bustling shopping street that is stocked with fashion, decoration, kitchen accessories and antique shops, jewelry stores, restaurants and cafes … In short, everything you need to enjoy a wonderful shopping day with family or friends. The area gathers various popular fashion brands such as Etam, H&M, Fnac, Zara, Céline, Gap, Kenzo, and more. People looking for luxury goods will be delighted to discover luxury clothing and shoe shops like Devernois, Loft by Design, Kenzo, Kooples, Arcus, as well as accessories and jewelry shops: Cartier, Monblanc, Lancel, Rolex, etc.

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evening at the rue de rennes

Where to take breaks during a long-day shopping

Shopping is so much fun that time flies. Inconspicuously, we burn a lot of calories walking along Rue de Rennes with its vast number of shops that we hoped to visit all at once. However, we need to make small breaks. There’s nothing more relaxing after long walks than relaxing at the Cafe de la Mairie, then stopping at the Boulangerie de Rennes, and finally at Leonidas Chocolatier.